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Luke 6:15


Matthew, Thomas, 1  James the son of Alphaeus, Simon who was called the Zealot, 2 


Mt 9:9; Mt 10:3; Mt 10:4; Mr 2:14; Mr 3:18; Lu 5:27; Joh 11:16; Joh 20:24; Ac 1:13; Ac 15:13; Ga 1:19; Ga 2:9; Jas 1:1

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sn This is the “doubting Thomas” of John 20:24-29.

sn The designation Zealot means that Simon was a political nationalist before coming to follow Jesus. He may not have been technically a member of the particular Jewish nationalistic party known as “Zealots” (since according to some scholars this party had not been organized at that time), but simply someone who was zealous for Jewish independence from Rome, in which case the descriptive term applied to Simon means something like “Simon the patriot” (see L&N 25.77 and especially 11.88).

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