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Luke 6:11


But they were filled with mindless rage 1  and began debating with one another what they would do 2  to Jesus.


Ps 2:1,2; Ec 9:3; Mt 12:14,15; Mt 21:45; Lu 4:28; Joh 7:1; Joh 11:47; Ac 4:15,19; Ac 5:33; Ac 7:54; Ac 26:11

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tn The term ἄνοια (anoia) denotes a kind of insane or mindless fury; the opponents were beside themselves with rage. They could not rejoice in the healing, but could only react against Jesus.

tn The use of the optative (ποιήσαιεν, poihsaien, “might do”) in an indirect question indicates that the formal opposition and planning of Jesus’ enemies started here (BDF §§385.1; 386.1).

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