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Luke 4:6


And he 1  said to him, “To you 2  I will grant this whole realm 3  – and the glory that goes along with it, 4  for it has been relinquished 5  to me, and I can give it to anyone I wish.


Es 5:11; Isa 5:14; Isa 23:9; Joh 8:44; Joh 12:31; Joh 14:30; 2Co 11:14; Eph 2:2; 1Pe 1:24; Re 12:9; Re 13:2,7; Re 20:2,3

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tn Grk “And the devil.”

sn In Greek, this phrase is in an emphatic position. In effect, the devil is tempting Jesus by saying, “Look what you can have!”

tn Or “authority.” BDAG 353 s.v. ἐξουσία 6 suggests, concerning this passage, that the term means “the sphere in which the power is exercised, domain.” Cf. also Luke 22:53; 23:7; Acts 26:18; Eph 2:2.

tn The addendum referring to the glory of the kingdoms of the world forms something of an afterthought, as the following pronoun (“it”) makes clear, for the singular refers to the realm itself.

tn For the translation of παραδέδοται (paradedotai) see L&N 57.77. The devil is erroneously implying that God has given him such authority with the additional capability of sharing the honor.

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