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Luke 4:29


They got up, forced 1  him out of the town, 2  and brought him to the brow of the hill on which their town was built, so that 3  they could throw him down the cliff. 4 


2Ch 25:12; Ps 37:14,32,33; Joh 8:37,40,59; Joh 15:24,25; Ac 7:57,58; Ac 16:23,24; Ac 21:28-32

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tn Grk “cast.”

tn Or “city.”

tn The Greek conjunction ὥστε (Jwste) here indicates their purpose.

sn The attempt to throw him down the cliff looks like “lynch law,” but it may really be an indication that Jesus was regarded as a false prophet who was worthy of death (Deut 13:5). Such a sentence meant being thrown into a pit and then stoned.

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