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Luke 4:12


Jesus 1  answered him, 2  “It is said, ‘You are not to put the Lord your God to the test.’” 3 


De 6:16; Ps 95:9; Ps 106:14; Mal 3:15; Mt 4:7; 1Co 10:9; Heb 3:8,9

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tn Grk “And Jesus.” Here καί (kai) has not been translated because of differences between Greek and English style.

tn Grk “Jesus, answering, said to him.” This is redundant in English and has been simplified to “Jesus answered him.”

sn A quotation from Deut 6:16 used by Jesus in reply to the devil. The point is that God’s faithfulness should not be put to the test, but is rather a given.

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