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Luke 24:49


And look, I am sending you 1  what my Father promised. 2  But stay in the city 3  until you have been clothed with power 4  from on high.”


Isa 32:15; Isa 44:3,4; Isa 59:20,21; Joe 2:28-32; Joh 14:16,17,26; Joh 15:26; Joh 16:7-16; Ac 1:4,8; Ac 2:1-21

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tn Grk “sending on you.”

tn Grk “the promise of my Father,” with τοῦ πατρός (tou patros) translated as a subjective genitive. This is a reference to the Holy Spirit and looks back to how one could see Messiah had come with the promise of old (Luke 3:15-18). The promise is rooted in Jer 31:31 and Ezek 36:26.

sn The city refers to Jerusalem.

sn Until you have been clothed with power refers to the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. What the Spirit supplies is enablement. See Luke 12:11-12; 21:12-15. The difference the Spirit makes can be seen in Peter (compare Luke 22:54-62 with Acts 2:14-41).

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