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Luke 23:32


Two other criminals 1  were also led away to be executed with him.


Isa 53:12; Mt 27:38; Mr 15:27,28; Lu 22:37; Joh 19:18; Heb 12:2

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tc The text reads either “two other criminals” or “others, two criminals.” The first reading (found in Ì75 א B) could be read as describing Jesus as a criminal, while the second (found in A C D L W Θ Ψ 070 0250 Ë1,13 33 Ï) looks like an attempt to prevent this identification. The first reading, more difficult to explain from the other, is likely original.

sn Jesus is numbered among the criminals (see Isa 53:12 and Luke 22:37).

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