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Luke 22:37


For I tell you that this scripture must be 1  fulfilled in me, ‘And he was counted with the transgressors.’ 2  For what is written about me is being fulfilled.” 3 


Isa 53:12; Mt 26:54-56; Mr 15:27,28; Lu 18:31; Lu 22:22; Lu 23:32; Lu 24:44-46; Joh 10:35; Joh 19:28-30; Ac 13:27-29; 2Co 5:21; Ga 3:13

NET © Notes

sn This scripture must be fulfilled in me. The statement again reflects the divine necessity of God’s plan. See 4:43-44.

tn Or “with the lawless.”

sn This is a quotation from Isa 53:12. It highlights a theme of Luke 22-23. Though completely innocent, Jesus dies as if he were a criminal.

tn Grk “is having its fulfillment.”

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