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Luke 2:35


Indeed, as a result of him the thoughts 1  of many hearts will be revealed 2  – and a sword 3  will pierce your own soul as well!” 4 


De 8:2; Jud 5:15,16; Ps 42:10; Mt 12:24-35; Lu 16:14,15; Joh 8:42-47; Joh 15:22-24; Joh 19:25; Ac 8:21-23; 1Co 11:19; 1Jo 2:19

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tn Or “reasonings” (in a hostile sense). See G. Schrenk, TDNT 2:97.

sn The remark the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed shows that how people respond to Jesus indicates where their hearts really are before God.

sn A sword refers to a very large, broad two-edged sword. The language is figurative, picturing great pain. Though it refers in part to the cross, it really includes the pain all of Jesus’ ministry will cause, including the next event in Luke 2:41-52 and extending to the opposition he faced throughout his ministry.

sn This remark looks to be parenthetical and addressed to Mary alone, not the nation. Many modern English translations transpose this to make it the final clause in Simeon’s utterance as above to make this clear.

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