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Luke 17:34


I tell you, in that night there will be two people in one bed; one will be taken and the other left. 1 


Ps 26:9; Ps 28:3; Isa 42:9; Jer 45:5; Eze 9:4-6; Mal 3:16-18; Mt 24:25; Mt 24:40,41; Mr 13:23; Mr 14:29; Lu 13:3,5,24; Ro 11:4-7; 1Th 4:16,17; 2Pe 2:9

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sn There is debate among commentators and scholars over the phrase one will be taken and the other left about whether one is taken for judgment or for salvation. If the imagery is patterned after the rescue of Noah from the flood and Lot from Sodom, as some suggest, the ones taken are the saved (as Noah and Lot were) andthose left behind are judged. The imagery, however, is not directly tied to theidentification of the two groups. Its primary purposein context is topicture the sudden, surprisingseparation of the righteous and the judged (i.e., condemned) at the return of the Son of Man.

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