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Luke 16:20


But at his gate lay 1  a poor man named Lazarus 2  whose body was covered with sores, 3 


1Sa 2:8; Job 2:7; Ps 34:19; Ps 73:14; Isa 1:6; Jer 8:22; Lu 16:21; Lu 18:35-43; Joh 11:1; Ac 3:2; Jas 1:9; Jas 2:5

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tn The passive verb ἐβέβλητο (ebeblhto) does not indicate how Lazarus got there. Cf. BDAG 163 s.v. βάλλω 1.b, “he lay before the door”; Josephus, Ant. 9.10.2 (9.209).

sn This is the one time in all the gospels that a figure in a parable is mentioned by name. It will become important later in the account.

tn Or “was covered with ulcers.” The words “whose body” are implied in the context (L&N 23.180).

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