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Luke 16:19


“There was a rich man who dressed in purple 1  and fine linen and who feasted sumptuously 2  every day.


Jud 8:26; Es 8:15; Job 21:11-15; Ps 73:3-7; Eze 16:13; Eze 16:49; Eze 27:7; Am 6:4-6; Mr 15:17,20; Lu 12:16-21; Lu 15:13; Lu 16:1; Lu 18:24,25; Jas 5:1-5; Re 17:4; Re 18:7,16

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sn Purple describes a fine, expensive dye used on luxurious clothing, and by metonymy, refers to clothing colored with that dye. It pictures someone of great wealth.

tn Or “celebrated with ostentation” (L&N 88.255), that is, with showing off. Here was the original conspicuous consumer.

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