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Luke 11:25


When it returns, 1  it finds the house 2  swept clean and put in order. 3 


2Ch 24:17-22; Ps 36:3; Ps 81:11,12; Ps 125:5; Mt 12:44,45; 2Th 2:9-12; 2Pe 2:10-19; Jude 1:8-13

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tn Grk “comes.”

tn The words “the house” are not in Greek but are implied.

sn The image of the house swept clean and put in order refers to the life of the person from whom the demon departed. The key to the example appears to be that no one else has been invited in to dwell. If an exorcism occurs and there is no response to God, then the way is free for the demon to return. Some see the reference to exorcism as more symbolic; thus the story’s only point is about responding to Jesus. This is possible and certainly is an application of the passage.

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