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Luke 10:11


‘Even the dust of your town 1  that clings to our feet we wipe off 2  against you. 3  Nevertheless know this: The kingdom of God has come.’ 4 


De 30:11-14; Lu 10:9; Ac 13:26,40,46; Ro 10:8,21; Heb 1:3

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tn Or “city.”

sn See Luke 9:5, where the verb is different but the meaning is the same. This was a sign of rejection.

tn Here ὑμῖν (Jumin) has been translated as a dative of disadvantage.

tn Or “has come near.” As in v. 9 (see above), the combination of ἐγγίζω (engizw) with the preposition ἐπί (epi) is decisive in showing that the sense is “has come” (see BDAG 270 s.v. ἐγγίζω 2, and W. R. Hutton, “The Kingdom of God Has Come,” ExpTim 64 [Dec 1952]: 89-91).

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