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Luke 1:74


that we, being rescued from the hand of our 1  enemies, may serve him without fear, 2 


Isa 35:9,10; Isa 45:17; Isa 54:13,14; Isa 65:21-25; Eze 34:25-28; Eze 39:28,29; Zep 3:15-17; Zec 9:8-10; Lu 1:71; Ro 6:22; Ro 8:15; 2Ti 1:7; Heb 2:15; Heb 9:14; Re 2:10

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tc Many important early mss (א B L W [0130] Ë1,13 565 892 pc) lack “our,” while most (A C D [K] Θ Ψ 0177 33 Ï pc) supply it. Although the addition is most likely not authentic, “our” has been included in the translation due to English stylistic requirements.

tn This phrase in Greek is actually thrown forward to the front of the verse to give it emphasis.

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