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Leviticus 6:4


when it happens that he sins and he is found guilty, 1  then he must return whatever he had stolen, or whatever he had extorted, or the thing that he had held in trust, 2  or the lost thing that he had found,


Ge 21:25; Le 4:13-15; Le 5:3,4; Job 20:19; Job 24:2; Isa 59:6; Eze 18:7,12,18; Am 3:10; Mic 2:2; Zep 1:9

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tn Heb “and it shall happen, when he sins and becomes guilty,” which is both resumptive of the previous (vv. 2-3) and the conclusion to the protasis (cf. “then” introducing the next clause as the apodosis). In this case, “becomes guilty” (cf. NASB, NIV) probably refers to his legal status as one who has been convicted of a crime in court; thus the translation “he is found guilty.” See R. E. Averbeck, NIDOTTE 1:559-61.

tn Heb “that had been held in trust with him.”

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