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Leviticus 23:13


along with its grain offering, two tenths of an ephah of 1  choice wheat flour 2  mixed with olive oil, as a gift to the Lord, a soothing aroma, 3  and its drink offering, one fourth of a hin of wine. 4 


Ex 29:40,41; Ex 30:9; Ex 30:24; Le 2:14-16; Le 14:10; Nu 15:3-12; Nu 28:10; Eze 4:11; Eze 45:24; Eze 46:14; Joe 1:9,13; Joe 2:14

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sn See the note on Lev 5:11.

sn See the note on Lev 2:1.

sn See the note on Lev 1:9.

tn Heb “wine, one fourth of the hin.” A pre-exilic hin is about 3.6 liters (= ca. 1 quart), so one fourth of a hin would be about one cup.

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