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Leviticus 21:17


“Tell Aaron, ‘No man from your descendants throughout their generations 1  who has a physical flaw 2  is to approach to present the food of his God.


Le 3:11,16; Le 10:3; Le 21:21; Le 22:20-25; Nu 16:5; Ps 65:4; 1Th 2:10; 1Ti 3:2; Heb 7:26

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tn Heb “to their generations.”

tn Heb “who in him is a flaw”; cf. KJV, ASV “any blemish”; NASB, NIV “a defect.” The rendering “physical flaw” is used to refer to any birth defect or physical injury of the kind described in the following verses (cf. the same Hebrew word also in Lev 24:19-20). The same term is used for “flawed” animals, which must not be offered to the Lord in Lev 22:20-25.

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