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Leviticus 17:13


“‘Any man from the Israelites 1  or from the foreigners who reside 2  in their 3  midst who hunts a wild animal 4  or a bird that may be eaten 5  must pour out its blood and cover it with soil,


Le 7:26; De 12:16,24; De 15:23; 1Sa 14:32-34; Job 16:18; Eze 24:7

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tc A few medieval Hebrew mss, Smr, and Tg. Ps.-J. have “from the house of Israel” as in vv. 3, 8, and 10, but the LXX agrees with the MT.

tn Heb “from the sojourner who sojourns.”

tc The LXX, Syriac, Vulgate, and certain mss of Smr have “your” (plural) rather than “their” (cf. v. 10 above).

tn Heb “[wild] game of animal.”

tn That is, it must be a clean animal, not an unclean animal (cf. Lev 11).

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