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Leviticus 14:49


Then he 1  is to take two birds, a piece of cedar wood, a scrap of crimson fabric, and some twigs of hyssop 2  to decontaminate 3  the house,


Le 14:4-7

NET © Notes

tn The pronoun “he” refers to the priest mentioned in the previous verse.

tn Regarding these ritual materials, see the note on v. 4 above.

tn Regarding the Piel of חָטָא (khata’, cf. v. 52) meaning to “decontaminate” or “perform a decontamination,” see the notes on Lev 8:15 and 9:15.

sn In Lev 8:15, for example, the “sin offering” is used to “decontaminate” the burnt offering altar. As argued above (see the note on v. 7 above), these ritual materials and the procedures performed with them do not constitute a “sin offering” (contrast vv. 19 and 31 above). In fact, no sin offering was required for the purification of a house.

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