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Leviticus 13:29


“When a man or a woman has an infection on the head or in the beard, 1 


1Ki 8:38; 1Ki 12:28; 2Ch 6:29; Ps 53:4; Isa 1:5; Isa 5:20; Isa 9:15; Mic 3:11; Mt 6:23; Mt 13:14,15; Joh 16:2,3; Ac 22:3,4; Ac 26:9,10; 2Co 4:3,4; 2Th 2:11,12

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tn Heb “And a man or a woman if there is in him an infection in head or in beard.”

sn The shift here is from diseases that are on the (relatively) bare skin of the body to the scalp area of the male or female head or the bearded area of the male face.

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