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Lamentations 3:32


Though he causes us 1  grief, he then has compassion on us 2  according to the abundance of his loyal kindness. 3 


Ex 2:23; Ex 3:7; Jud 10:16; 2Ki 13:23; Ps 30:5; Ps 78:38; Ps 103:11; Ps 106:43-45; Jer 31:20; La 3:22; Ho 11:8; Lu 15:20

NET © Notes

tn Heb “Although he has caused grief.” The word “us” is added in the translation.

tn Heb “He will have compassion.” The words “on us” are added in the translation.

tc The Kethib preserves the singular form חַסְדּוֹ (khasdo, “his kindness”), also reflected in the LXX and Aramaic Targum. The Qere reads the plural form חֲסָדָיו (khasadayv, “his kindnesses”) which is reflected in the Latin Vulgate.

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