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Lamentations 3:16


ו (Vav) He ground 1  my teeth in gravel; he trampled 2  me in the dust.


Job 2:8; Job 4:10; Ps 3:7; Ps 58:6; Ps 102:9; Pr 20:17; Jer 6:26; Jon 3:6; Mt 7:9; Lu 11:11

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tn Heb “crushed.”

tn The Hiphil stem of כָּפַשׁ (kafash) means “to tread down” or “make someone cower.” It is rendered variously: “trampled me in the dust” (NIV), “covered me with ashes” (KJV, NKJV), “ground me into the dust” (NJPS), “made me cower in ashes” (RSV, NRSV), “rubbed my face in the ground” (TEV) and “rubbed me in the dirt” (CEV).

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