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Joshua 22:23


If we have built 1  an altar for ourselves to turn back from following the Lord by making 2  burnt sacrifices and grain offerings on it, or by offering 3  tokens of peace 4  on it, the Lord himself will punish us. 5 


Ge 9:4; De 18:19; 1Sa 20:16; 2Ch 24:22; Ps 10:13,14; Eze 3:18; Eze 33:6,8

NET © Notes

tn Heb “by building.” The prepositional phrase may be subordinated to what precedes, “if in unfaithfulness…by building.”

tn Heb “or if to offer up.”

tn Heb “or if to make.”

tn Or “peace offerings.”

tn Heb “the Lord, he will seek.” Perhaps this is a self-imprecation in an oath, “may the Lord himself punish us.”

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