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Jonah 3:2


“Go immediately 1  to Nineveh, that large city, 2  and proclaim to 3  it the message that I tell you.”


Jer 1:17; Jer 15:19-21; Eze 2:7; Eze 3:17; Jon 1:2; Jon 3:3; Zep 2:13-15; Mt 3:8; Joh 5:14

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sn The commands of 1:2 are repeated here. See the note there on the combination of “arise” and “go.”

tn Heb “Nineveh, the great city.”

tn The verb קָרָא (qara’, “proclaim”) is repeated from 1:2 but with a significant variation. The phrase in 1:2 was the adversative קְרָא עָל (qÿra’ ’al, “proclaim against”), which often designates an announcement of threatened judgment (1 Kgs 13:4, 32; Jer 49:29; Lam 1:15). However, here the phrase is the more positive קְרָא אֶל (qÿra’ ’el, “proclaim to”) which often designates an oracle of deliverance or a call to repentance, with an accompanying offer of deliverance that is either explicit or implied (Deut 20:10; Isa 40:2; Zech 1:4; HALOT 1129 s.v. קרא 8; BDB 895 s.v. קָרָא 3.a). This shift from the adversative preposition עַל (“against”) to the more positive preposition אֶל (“to”) might signal a shift in God’s intentions or perhaps it simply makes his original intention more clear. While God threatened to judge Nineveh, he was very willing to relent and forgive when the people repented from their sins (3:8-10). Jonah later complains that he knew that God was likely to relent from the threatened judgment all along (4:2).

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