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John 8:6


(Now they were asking this in an attempt to trap him, so that they could bring charges against 1  him.) 2  Jesus bent down and wrote on the ground with his finger. 3 


Ge 49:9; Nu 14:22; Ps 38:12-14; Ps 39:1; Pr 26:17; Ec 3:7; Jer 17:13; Da 5:5; Am 5:10,13; Mt 10:16; Mt 15:23; Mt 19:3; Mt 26:63; Lu 10:25; Lu 11:53,54; Lu 20:20-23; Joh 8:2; 1Co 10:9

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tn Grk “so that they could accuse.”

sn This is a parenthetical note by the author of 7:538:11.

tn Or possibly “Jesus bent down and wrote an accusation on the ground with his finger.” The Greek verb καταγράφω (katagrafw) may indicate only the action of writing on the ground by Jesus, but in the overall context (Jesus’ response to the accusation against the woman) it can also be interpreted as implying that what Jesus wrote was a counteraccusation against the accusers (although there is no clue as to the actual content of what he wrote, some scribes added “the sins of each one of them” either here or at the end of v. 8 [U 264 700 al]).

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