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John 6:57


Just as the living Father sent me, and I live because of the Father, so the one who consumes 1  me will live because of me.


Ps 18:46; Jer 10:10; Joh 5:26; Joh 11:25,26; Joh 14:6,19; Joh 17:21; 1Co 15:22; 2Co 13:4; Ga 2:20; Col 3:3,4; 1Th 1:9; Heb 9:14; 1Jo 4:9

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tn Or “who chews”; Grk “who eats.” Here the translation “consumes” is more appropriate than simply “eats,” because it is the internalization of Jesus by the individual that is in view. On the alternation between ἐσθίω (esqiw, “eat,” v. 53) and τρώγω (trwgw, “eats,” vv. 54, 56, 58; “consumes,” v. 57) see the note on “eats” in v. 54.

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