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John 5:42


but I know you, that you do not have the love of God 1  within you.


Lu 16:15; Joh 1:47-49; Joh 2:25; Joh 5:44; Joh 8:42,47,55; Joh 15:23,24; Joh 21:17; Ro 8:7; Heb 4:12,13; 1Jo 2:15; 1Jo 3:17; 1Jo 4:20; Re 2:23

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tn The genitive in the phrase τὴν ἀγάπην τοῦ θεοῦ (thn agaphn tou qeou, “the love of God”) could be translated as either a subjective genitive (“God’s love”) or an objective genitive (“love for God”). Either is grammatically possible. This is possibly an instance of a plenary genitive (see ExSyn 119-21; M. Zerwick, Biblical Greek, §§36-39). If so, the emphasis would be on the love God gives which in turn produces love for him, but Jesus’ opponents are lacking any such love inside them.

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