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John 13:33


Children, I am still with you for a little while. You will look for me, 1  and just as I said to the Jewish religious leaders, 2  ‘Where I am going you cannot come,’ 3  now I tell you the same. 4 


Joh 7:33; Joh 8:21-24; Joh 12:35,36; Joh 14:4-6; Joh 14:19; Joh 16:16-22; Ga 4:19; 1Jo 2:1; 1Jo 4:4; 1Jo 5:21

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tn Or “You will seek me.”

tn Grk “the Jews.” In NT usage the term ᾿Ιουδαῖοι (Ioudaioi) may refer to the entire Jewish people, the residents of Jerusalem and surrounding territory, the authorities in Jerusalem, or merely those who were hostile to Jesus. (For further information see R. G. Bratcher, “‘The Jews’ in the Gospel of John,” BT 26 [1975]: 401-9.) Here the phrase refers to the residents of Jerusalem in general, or to the Jewish religious leaders in particular, who had sent servants to attempt to arrest Jesus on that occasion (John 7:33-35). The last option is the one adopted in the translation above.

sn See John 7:33-34.

tn The words “the same” are not in the Greek text but are implied. Direct objects in Greek were often omitted when clear from the context.

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