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John 12:8


For you will always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me!” 1 


De 15:11; So 5:6; Mt 26:11; Mr 14:7; Joh 8:21; Joh 12:35; Joh 13:33; Joh 16:5-7; Ac 1:9-11

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tc A few isolated witnesses omit v. 8 (D sys), part of v. 8 (Ì75), or vv. 7-8 ({0250}). The latter two omissions are surely due to errors of sight, while the former can be attributed to D’s sometimes erratic behavior. The verse is secure in light of the overwhelming evidence on its behalf.

tn In the Greek text of this clause, “me” is in emphatic position (the first word in the clause). To convey some impression of the emphasis, an exclamation point is used in the translation.

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