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Joel 2:11


The voice of the Lord thunders 1  as he leads his army. 2  Indeed, his warriors 3  are innumerable; 4  Surely his command is carried out! 5  Yes, the day of the Lord is awesome 6  and very terrifying – who can survive 7  it?


Nu 24:23; 2Sa 22:14,15; Ps 46:6; Isa 7:18; Isa 13:4; Isa 42:13; Jer 25:30; Jer 30:7; Jer 50:34; Joe 2:25; Joe 3:16; Am 1:2; Am 5:18,20; Na 1:6; Zep 1:15; Mal 3:2; Re 6:17; Re 18:8

NET © Notes

tn Heb “the Lord gives his voice.”

tn Heb “before his army.”

tn Heb “military encampment.”

tn Heb “very large.”

tn Heb “he makes his word powerful.”

tn Or “powerful.” Heb “great.”

tn Heb “endure.” The MT and LXX read “endure,” while one of the Qumran manuscripts (4QXXIIc) has “bear.”

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