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Joel 1:2


Listen to this, you elders; 1  pay attention, 2  all inhabitants of the land. Has anything like this ever happened in your whole life 3  or in the lifetime 4  of your ancestors? 5 


De 4:32-35; Job 8:8; Job 12:12; Job 15:10; Job 21:7; Ps 49:1; Isa 7:17; Isa 34:1; Jer 5:21; Jer 30:7; Da 12:1; Ho 5:1; Joe 2:2; Am 3:1; Am 4:1; Am 5:1; Mic 1:2; Mic 3:1,9; Mt 13:9; Mt 24:21; Re 2:7

NET © Notes

sn Elders here refers not necessarily to men advanced in years, but to leaders within the community.

tn Heb “give ear.”

tn Heb “days.” The term “days” functions here as a synecdoche for one’s lifespan.

tn Heb “days.”

tn Heb “fathers.”

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