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Job 9:8


he alone spreads out the heavens, and treads 1  on the waves of the sea; 2 


Ge 1:6,7; Job 37:18; Job 38:11; Ps 33:6; Ps 93:3,4; Ps 104:2,3; Isa 40:22; Isa 42:5; Isa 44:24; Jer 10:11; Zec 12:1; Mt 14:25-30; Joh 6:19

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tn Or “marches forth.”

tn The reference is probably to the waves of the sea. This is the reading preserved in NIV and NAB, as well as by J. Crenshaw, “Wÿdorek `al-bamoteares,” CBQ 34 (1972): 39-53. But many see here a reference to Canaanite mythology. The marginal note in the RSV has “the back of the sea dragon.” The view would also see in “sea” the Ugaritic god Yammu.

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