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Job 9:11


If 1  he passes by me, I cannot see 2  him, 3  if he goes by, I cannot perceive him. 4 


Job 23:8,9; Job 35:14; Ps 77:19; 1Ti 6:16

NET © Notes

tn The NIV has “when” to form a temporal clause here. For the use of “if,” see GKC 497 §159.w.

tn The imperfect verbs in this verse are consistent with the clauses. In the conditional clauses a progressive imperfect is used, but in the following clauses the verbs are potential imperfects.

tn The pronoun “him” is supplied here; it is not in MT, but the Syriac and Vulgate have it (probably for translation purposes as well).

sn Like the mountains, Job knows that God has passed by and caused him to shake and tremble, but he cannot understand or perceive the reasons.

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