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Job 9:10


he does great and unsearchable things, 1  and wonderful things without number.


Ex 15:11; Job 5:9; Job 26:12-14; Job 37:23; Ps 71:15; Ps 72:18; Ps 136:4; Ec 3:11; Isa 40:26-28; Da 4:2,3; Ro 11:33; Eph 3:20

NET © Notes

tn Only slight differences exist between this verse and 5:9 which employs the simple ו (vav) conjunction before אֵין (’eyn) in the first colon and omits the ו (vav) conjunction before נִפְלָאוֹת (niflaot, “wonderful things”) in the second colon.

sn There is probably great irony in Job’s using this same verse as in 5:9. But Job’s meaning here is different than Eliphaz.

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