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Job 8:10


Will they not 1  instruct you and 2  speak to you, and bring forth words 3  from their understanding? 4 


De 6:7; De 11:19; Job 12:7,8; Job 32:7; Ps 145:4; Pr 16:23; Pr 18:15; Mt 12:35; Heb 11:4; Heb 12:1

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tn The sentence begins emphatically: “Is it not they.”

tn The “and” is not present in the line. The second clause seems to be in apposition to the first, explaining it more thoroughly: “Is it not they [who] will instruct you, [who] will speak to you.”

tn The noun may have been left indeterminate for the sake of emphasis (GKC 401-2 §125.c), meaning “important words.”

tn Heb “from their heart.”

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