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Job 38:36


Who has put wisdom in the heart, 1  or has imparted understanding to the mind?


Ex 31:3; Ex 36:1,2; Job 32:8; Ps 51:6; Pr 2:6; Ec 2:26; Isa 28:26; Jas 1:5,17

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tn This verse is difficult because of the two words, טֻחוֹת (tukhot, rendered here “heart”) and שֶׂכְוִי (sekhvi, here “mind”). They have been translated a number of ways: “meteor” and “celestial appearance”; the stars “Procyon” and “Sirius”; “inward part” and “mind”; even as birds, “ibis” and “cock.” One expects them to have something to do with nature – clouds and the like. The RSV accordingly took them to mean “meteor” (from a verb “to wander”) and “a celestial appearance.” But these meanings are not well-attested.

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