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Job 37:5


God thunders with his voice in marvelous ways; 1  he does great things beyond our understanding. 2 


2Sa 22:14,15; Job 5:9; Job 9:10; Job 11:7; Job 26:14; Job 36:26; Ec 3:11; Isa 40:21,22,28; Ro 11:33; Re 15:3

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tn The form is the Niphal participle, “wonders,” from the verb פָּלָא (pala’, “to be wonderful; to be extraordinary”). Some commentators suppress the repeated verb “thunders,” and supply other verbs like “shows” or “works,” enabling them to make “wonders” the object of the verb rather than leaving it in an adverbial role. But as H. H. Rowley (Job [NCBC], 236) notes, no change is needed, for one is not surprised to find repetition in Elihu’s words.

tn Heb “and we do not know.”

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