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Job 37:13


Whether it is for punishment 1  for his land, or whether it is for mercy, he causes it to find its mark. 2 


Ex 9:18-25; 1Sa 12:18,19; 2Sa 21:10,14; 1Ki 18:45; Ezr 10:9; Job 36:31; Job 37:6; Job 38:26,27; Job 38:37,38; Joe 2:23

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tn Heb “rod,” i.e., a rod used for punishment.

tn This is interpretive; Heb “he makes find it.” The lightning could be what is intended here, for it finds its mark. But R. Gordis (Job, 429) suggests man is the subject – let him find what it is for, i.e., the fate appropriate for him.

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