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Job 36:31


It is by these that he judges 1  the nations and supplies food in abundance.


Ge 6:17; Ge 7:17-24; Ge 19:24; Ex 9:23-25; De 8:2,15; Jos 10:11; 1Sa 2:10; 1Sa 7:10; 1Sa 12:18; Job 37:13; Job 38:22,23; Job 38:26,27; Ps 65:9-13; Ps 104:13-15,27,28; Ps 136:25; Ac 14:17

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tn The verb is יָדִין (yadin, “he judges”). Houbigant proposedיָזוּן (yazun, “he nourishes”). This has found wide acceptance among commentators (cf. NAB). G. R. Driver retained the MT but gave a meaning “enriches” to the verb (“Problems in the Hebrew text of Job,” VTSup 3 [1955]: 88ff.).

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