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Job 35:9


“People 1  cry out because of the excess of oppression; 2  they cry out for help because of the power 3  of the mighty. 4 


Ex 2:23; Ex 3:7,9; Ne 5:1-5; Job 24:12; Job 34:28; Job 40:9; Ps 10:15; Ps 12:5; Ps 43:2; Ps 55:2,3; Ps 56:1,2; Lu 18:3-7

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tn The word “people” is supplied, because the sentence only has the masculine plural verb.

tn The final noun is an abstract plural, “oppression.” There is no reason to change it to “oppressors” to fit the early versions. The expression is literally “multitude of oppression.”

tn Heb “the arm,” a metaphor for strength or power.

tn Or “of the many” (see HALOT 1172 s.v. I רַב 6.a).

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