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Job 35:8


Your wickedness affects only 1  a person like yourself, and your righteousness only other people. 2 


Ge 12:2; Ge 18:24-33; Ge 19:29; Jos 7:1-5; Jos 22:20; Job 42:8; Ps 106:23,30; Ec 9:18; Eze 22:30; Jon 1:12; Ac 27:24; Heb 11:7

NET © Notes

tn The phrase “affects only” is supplied in the translation of this nominal sentence.

sn According to Strahan, “Elihu exalts God’s greatness at the cost of His grace, His transcendence at the expense of His immanence. He sets up a material instead of a spiritual stand of profit and loss. He does not realize that God does gain what He desires most by the goodness of men, and loses what He most loves by their evil.”

tn Heb “and to [or for] a son of man, your righteousness.”

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