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Job 35:10


But no one says, ‘Where is God, my Creator, who gives songs in the night, 1 


1Ch 10:13,14; 2Ch 28:22,23; Job 32:22; Job 36:3; Job 36:13; Ps 42:8; Ps 77:6; Ps 119:62; Ps 149:5; Ec 12:1; Isa 8:21; Isa 51:13; Isa 54:5; Ac 16:25; 1Pe 4:19

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tn There have been several attempts to emend the line, none of which are particularly helpful or interesting. H. H. Rowley (Job [NCBC], 225) says, “It is a pity to rob Elihu of a poetic line when he creates one.”

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