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Job 33:25


then his flesh is restored 1  like a youth’s; he returns to the days of his youthful vigor. 2 


De 34:7; Jos 14:10,11; 2Ki 5:14; Job 42:16; Ps 103:5; Ho 2:15

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tc The word רֻטֲפַשׁ (rutafash) is found nowhere else. One suggestion is that it should be יִרְטַב (yirtav, “to become fresh”), connected to רָטַב (ratav, “to be well watered [or moist]”). It is also possible that it was a combination of רָטַב (ratav, “to be well watered”) and טָפַשׁ (tafash, “to grow fat”). But these are all guesses in the commentaries.

tn The word describes the period when the man is healthy and vigorous, ripe for what life brings his way.

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