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Job 33:19


Or a person is chastened 1  by pain on his bed, and with the continual strife of his bones, 2 


De 8:5; 2Ch 16:10,12; Job 5:17,18; Job 7:4; Job 20:11; Job 30:17; Ps 38:1-8; Ps 94:12; Ps 119:67,71; Isa 27:9; Isa 37:12,13; 1Co 11:32; Re 3:19

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tc The MT has the passive form, and so a subject has to be added: “[a man] is chastened.” The LXX has the active form, indicating “[God] chastens,” but the object “a man” has to be added. It is understandable why the LXX thought this was active, within this sequence of verbs; and that is why it is the inferior reading.

tc The Kethib “the strife of his bones is continual,” whereas the Qere has “the multitude of his bones are firm.” The former is the better reading in this passage. It indicates that the pain is caused by the ongoing strife.

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