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Job 31:30


I 1  have not even permitted my mouth 2  to sin by asking 3  for his life through a curse –


Ex 23:4,5; Ec 5:2,6; Mt 5:22; Mt 5:43,44; Mt 12:36; Ro 12:14; Jas 3:6,9,10; 1Pe 2:22,23; 1Pe 3:9

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tn This verse would then be a parenthesis in which he stops to claim his innocence.

tn Heb “I have not given my palate.”

tn The infinitive construct with the ל (lamed) preposition (“by asking”) serves in an epexegetical capacity here, explaining the verb of the first colon (“permitted…to sin”). To seek a curse on anyone would be a sin.

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