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Job 31:14


then what will I do when God confronts me in judgment; 1  when he intervenes, 2  how will I respond to him?


Job 9:32; Job 10:2; Ps 7:6; Ps 9:12,19; Ps 10:12-15; Ps 44:21; Ps 76:9; Ps 143:2; Isa 10:3; Ho 9:7; Mic 7:4; Zec 2:13; Mr 7:2; Ro 3:19; Jas 2:13

NET © Notes

tn Heb “arises.” The LXX reads “takes vengeance,” an interpretation that is somewhat correct but unnecessary. The verb “to rise” would mean “to confront in judgment.”

tn The verb פָקַד (paqad) means “to visit,” but with God as the subject it means any divine intervention for blessing or cursing, anything God does that changes a person’s life. Here it is “visit to judge.”

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