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Job 29:13


the blessing of the dying man descended on me, 1  and I made the widow’s heart rejoice; 2 


De 16:11; De 24:13; De 26:5; Ne 8:10-12; Job 31:19; Ps 67:4; Pr 31:6-9; Isa 27:13; Isa 65:14; Ac 9:39-41; 2Co 9:12-14; 2Ti 1:16-18; Phm 1:7

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tn The verb is simply בּוֹא (bo’, “to come; to enter”). With the preposition עַל (’al, “upon”) it could mean “came to me,” or “came upon me,” i.e., descended (see R. Gordis, Job, 320).

tn The verb אַרְנִן (’arnin) is from רָנַן (ranan, “to give a ringing cry”) but here “cause to give a ringing cry,” i.e., shout of joy. The rejoicing envisioned in this word is far greater than what the words “sing” or “rejoice” suggest.

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