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Job 28:13


Mankind does not know its place; 1  it cannot be found in the land of the living.


Job 28:15-19; Job 28:21,22; Ps 19:10; Ps 52:5; Ps 119:72; Pr 3:14,15; Pr 8:11,18,19; Pr 16:16; Pr 23:23; Ec 8:16,17; Isa 38:11; Isa 53:8

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tc The LXX has “its way, apparently reading דַּרְכָה (darkhah) in place of עֶרְכָּהּ (’erkah, “place”). This is adopted by most modern commentators. But R. Gordis (Job, 308) shows that this change is not necessary, for עֶרֶךְ (’erekh) in the Bible means “order; row; disposition,” and here “place.” An alternate meaning would be “worth” (NIV, ESV).

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