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Job 27:8


For what hope does the godless have when he is cut off, 1  when God takes away his life? 2 


Job 11:20; Job 13:16; Job 15:34; Job 20:5; Job 31:3; Isa 33:14,15; Mt 16:26; Mt 23:14; Mr 8:36,37; Lu 9:25; Lu 12:20,21; 1Ti 6:9,10; Jas 5:1-3

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tn The verb יִבְצָע (yivtsa’) means “to cut off.” It could be translated transitively or intransitively – the latter is better here (“when he is cut off”). Since the next line speaks of prayer, some have thought this verse should be about prayer. Mandelkern, in his concordance (p. 228b), suggested the verb should be “when he prays” (reading יִפְגַּע [yifga’] in place of יִבְצָע [yivtsa’]).

tn The verb יֵשֶׁל (yeshel) is found only here. It has been related spoils [or sheaves]”); שָׁאַל (shaal, “to ask”); נָשָׂא (nasa’, “to lift up” [i.e., pray]); and a host of others.

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